Can you use a two lamp ballast for one lamp?

A 1 lamp rapid start (series) ballast can be hard to find, but it can be replaced with a 2 lamp instant start (parallel) ballast.

Does it matter what ballast I use?

However, ballasts are often compatible with more than one lamp, and vice versa. Based on design and start method, certain ballast options may be preferable to others because they can help your lights operate more efficiently, have longer life spans, or use less energy.

Can you use a 3 lamp ballast for 2 lamp fixture?

A 3 lamp fixture with two rapid start ballasts can be replaced with a 3 lamp instant start ballast. … On the 3 lamp ballast, an individual wire is connected to the lampholder of lamp 2 on the left side, and the common wire on the right side.

Can you use a 3 lamp ballast for 4 lamps?

Replace 3 Lamp Instant Start Ballast with 4 Lamp Instant Start. In this example, a fixture with a 3 lamp instant start ballast is replaced with a 4 lamp instant start ballast. … Connect the red ballast wire to the third blue lampholder wire. Connect the yellow ballast wire to the red lampholder wire.

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Which two types of lamps require a ballast?

Fluorescent lamps and HID (high intensity discharge) light bulbs do require a ballast. Both lamp families use two different types of ballasts: magnetic and electronic.

What happens if you use wrong ballast?

If you use a wrong sized ballast the LRC will not be tuned so you are likely to not start the lamp at all. There is the possibility of burning out components pre-maturely also due to overcurrent and overvoltage conditions particularly if using a larger ballast on a smaller fixture.

How do I know what type of ballast I have?

You can determine whether you have a compatible fixture in seconds. Simply turn the light on, then take a photo of the fixture using your smartphone or digital camera. If there are no dark bands on the resulting image, you have an electronic ballast that will work with direct drop-in LED tubes.

Can you use a 4 bulb ballast on a 2 bulb fixture?

Apparently you have an electronic ballast. These ballasts have their capabilities listed on their label. check the circuit of the label, and also the type of lamps listed Therein . If your 2 lamps are listed, you can use it.

Can you replace a rapid start ballast with an instant start ballast?

The majority of commercial ballasts in the market that operate T8 lamps are instant start. Because of this, when retrofitting a rapid start system to an instant start system, some alterations to the socket wiring are required in order for it to work optimally.

What is the disadvantage of electronic ballast?

Electronic ballasts are more efficient and more compact in size and weight. They also provide the ability for continuous power adjustment at different settings. A disadvantage is that power fluctuations may cause a failure but this can be offset by adding a buffer capacitor. Operation of the ballasts generate heat.

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Will LED bulbs work if ballast is bad?

Can LED lamps work off of existing ballasts? Yes, if they have an internal driver than can work off that ballast. Philips, for example, has designed a tube that is compatible with an existing electronic ballast.

Do high pressure sodium lights need ballast?

HPS lamps require ballasts to regulate the arc current flow and deliver the proper voltage to the arc. … Instead, an electronic starting circuit within the ballast generates a high-voltage pulse to the operating electrodes.

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