Frequent question: How do you turn off a Filimin lamp?

There is no “off” button, but “fade time” and “sleep time” are two settings that can help manage when your Friendship Lamp is lit up. Information is provided below on both of these options. If neither feature addresses your situation, it’s okay to just unplug your lamp.

Do friendship lamps turn off automatically?

When a lamp is touched all lamps on the group pulse for 30 seconds and then stay on for 30 minutes. Over this time they slowly grow dimmer until automatically turning off.

Why is my Filimin blinking blue and green?

If your Friendship Lamp is pulsing either blue or blue and green in your home Wi-Fi environment, that means that your lamp is able to connect to a known network, but is not able to get through to the internet for some reason.

How long does the friendship lamp stay on?

You are correct that the minimum time that friendship lamps light up is 30 minutes, however they can also be set up to stay lit for 1 1/2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, and 24 hours. When our lamps are i… see more. If you tap your lamp twice it will reset the timer on how long the lamp lights up. It won’t reset the timer.

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How do you use the Filimin friendship lamp?

Touch your Friendship Lamp and your loved one that has the other lamp, their lamp lights the same color as yours. Connect as many lamps together as you wish. Each person connects their lamp to their Wi-Fi, then touches the lamp whenever they are thinking of their loved ones.

Are Filimin lamps safe?

Unlike CFL bulbs, incandescent ones don’t contain mercury, and breaking one doesn’t expose you to toxic fumes. Instead, incandescent bulbs usually contain an inert gas, such as argon, to prevent the filament from corroding, and the gas is contained in a thin glass shell.

Why is my friendship lamp pulsing?

If your Friendship Lamp is pulsing green, that means it’s searching for Wi-Fi. It should always pulse green right after you plug it in. It’ll keep looking for Wi-Fi until it connects.

Why is my Filimin lamp offline?

What does “offline” mean? Any time your Friendship Lamp or Frame is not connected to the internet, it’s offline. Your lamp will be offline if it’s unplugged, not set up yet, or if it’s lost connection to Wi-Fi. While you are offline, you will not be able to send or receive touches from other members of your group.

How do you stop a friendship lamp from blinking?

Here are a few suggestions to prevent your lamp from frequent disconnecting:

  1. Move your Friendship Lamp closer to your Wi-Fi router (or Filimin Bridge, if you’re using one).
  2. Position your Friendship Lamp so there are fewer physical barriers between the lamp and your router (or Filimin Bridge, if you’re using one).
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Why does my friendship lamp keep turning red?

When the lamp is red, it means it is not successfully connected to WiFi. It may be that your internet is not connected or you have changed / updated your WiFi. … Use the easy to follow instructions here: Friendship Lamp Setup Guide.

How many colors does the friendship lamp have?

We love the colors of the Friendship Lamps! Friendship Lamps have 17 colors (including white), as you can see on the color wheel below.

How do Filimin lamps work?

Filimin Friendship Lamps communicate with each other over Wi-Fi, so you will need a pair of lamps to get started. Let your friends and loved ones know you’re thinking of them with the touch of your lamp. Send them an invitation to join your group. Once they accept, you’re instantly connected!

How do I reset my friendship lamp?

A: You don’t need to reset the lamps, but the lamps can only remember one Wi-Fi connection at a time. If a new Wi-Fi network is detected, the new owner(s) will have to set up their lamp over again. Q: Can I set up the Friendship Lamp using my smartphone’s mobile network or data?

What is Filimin?

Filimin is a light that changes color with a single touch. It connects with other lights and stays connected, no matter the distance. Filimin connects you to the people you love.

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