Quick Answer: How do you cover a lampshade with wallpaper?

Slip the folded bottom edge of the wallpaper over the inside bottom edge of the lampshade. Apply a line of glue with a hot glue gun and press the wallpaper into the glue. Apply a fine line of glue to the inside edge of the wallpaper cover seam and press in place.

Can you put peel and stick wallpaper on a lampshade?

Use your leftover wallpaper to breathe new life into that damaged, boring or ugly lampshade. This project is perfect for floor lamps, table lamps, and even hanging pendant lamps. Go bold and line the outside of your shade, or line the inside for an understated look.

How do you upcycle a lampshade with wallpaper?


  1. Remove the trim or tape from the top and bottom of the drum shade. …
  2. Measure the height of the drum shade. …
  3. Cut the wallpaper or fabric to the shade height by one inch wider than the shade circumference. …
  4. Lay the wallpaper or fabric right side down.

How do you recover a lampshade with paper?

Trace the shape of your lampshade onto the back of the wallpaper by rolling the lampshade 360 degrees, while running the pencil on the paper. Measure a 1/2 inch both above and below the line and mark onto paper. This extra 1/2 inch of paper will be tucked inside the lampshade for a clean finish.

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What material can be used to cover a lampshade?

The best fabrics for making your own lampshades are those made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen. Select a fabric that can be ironed; otherwise, it won’t look smooth when you adhere it to the styrene.

Can I upcycle a lampshade?

The process is pretty simple: (1) remove the shade from its base (2) cut the fabric to fit the shade, plus a couple extra inches on the top and bottom (3) use spray fabric adhesive to stick the fabric to the shade, smoothing it out as you go (4) trim the top and bottom of the fabric and fold the excess over to the …

Can you decorate a lampshade?

Decorating lampshades is a great way to update the look of a plain, dull, or mundane lampshade. This article will give you a few decorating tips. It will also show you how to paint a lampshade, add stencils, and even cover it with paper or fabric.

How do you cover a lampshade frame with fabric?

Squirt a thin, 2-inch-long line of glue on the inside top edge of the lampshade frame. Place the top cut piece of lampshade fabric against the frame, near the unfolded side edge of the fabric, and press the top 1/2 inch of fabric over the frame and into the hot glue.

What paper is used for lamp shades?

If you are repairing a lamp or are looking for a basic white or off-white paper for your lampshade, the most popular paper is either the Bleached or Unbleached Mulberry Papers. These papers have a uniform mulberry pulp throughout and come in rolls that are 37 inches wide for those large format projects.

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Is it safe to cover a lamp?

Is it dangerous to cover a lamp with a cloth? Yes. The cloth can catch on fire, particularly if it is a halogen bulb. Might happen with an especially bright incandescent bulb too.

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