Quick Answer: How do you flash your headlights?

What does it mean when you flash your headlights?

Headlight flashing can let other drivers know of one’s presence. Flashing can acknowledge the presence or actions of other drivers. … Flashing can indicate the intention to overtake or pass another driver, or to signal a driver who has just overtaken that he or she can now return to the original lane.

Are you allowed to flash your headlights?

The highway code states that you should “only flash your headlights to let other road users know that you are there. Do not flash your headlights to convey any other message or intimidate other road users”.

Is it rude to flash your headlights?

Van Tassel said. He also advised against flashing your lights because of the dangers of the so-called moth effect, which occurs when drivers are mesmerized by bright or flashing lights and head in the direction they are looking. Flashing your lights could also be interpreted as an act of aggression.

Why is the car behind me flashing their lights?

Flashing lights behind is usually a sign to take overtake. The person might want you to give him/her little space to overtake. But it could be for other reason too like the person might want you to stop or was trying to grab your attention to inform about something.

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When should you flash your headlights at other drivers?

Explanation: You should only flash your headlights to warn others of your presence. Don’t use them to greet others, show impatience or give priority to other road users, because they could misunderstand your signal.

Is flashing other cars illegal?

There is no specific Road Rule in NSW stating you are not allowed to dip your lights to warn other road users that the police are ahead. However, you could still receive an infringement notice for it if a police officer alleges that while you were warning another driver, you also dazzled them.

How do you flash high beams?

The flash-to-pass high-beams are a way to flash your high-beams once. To use the flash-to-pass high-beams, pull the turn signal lever towards you, and then release it. The lever will return to its normal position, and the vehicle will flash the high-beams on and off once.

What does it mean if someone flashes their headlights at you 4 times?

To alert another driver there is something wrong with them, usually that they forgot to turn their own lights or are driving with their high beams on. To alert other drivers to a road hazard, in particular the presence of police. As a more polite way than honking or tailgating to urge somebody to get out of your way.

How do you signal there is a cop ahead?

From what I’ve heard and read, flashing your headlights at other drivers to warn them of a police officer ahead is considered “free speech”.

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