Frequent question: Can you turn off light on ring spotlight?

Note: You cannot adjust the brightness of the lights on the Spotlight Cam Battery. Beginning 2021, the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery will have a new light schedule feature available. This feature will allow you to keep your lights off, even if motion is detected.

How do you turn off the lights on a Ring floodlight?

To do this, open up the Ring app and find your Floodlight Cam. Select Device Settings, then Light Settings. Toggle off the “Turn Lights on When Motion Detected” setting.

Can you disable the lights on a Ring camera?

The manual “lights” control is the control that appears above the Motion Alerts toggle on your device’s main menu in the Ring app. Toggle this control to manually turn the floodlights on (blue) and off (white).

How long do Ring Spotlight cam lights stay on?

The lights on the Ring Floodlight Cam stay on for 30 seconds by default, but this can be adjusted. Video recordings are 1 minute in length, but this is also fully adjustable.

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Can you turn off flood lights?

There will be a small access cover somewhere on the body of the floodlight. Push the cover off with your thumb and locate the sensitivity adjustment screw. Turn the screw in small increments toward the “Min” setting with a flathead screwdriver and wait for the timer to turn off the lights.

Why does flood light stay on?

Several things can cause your motion detector to stay on, including age, storm damage, a power surge, improper installation, and improper settings. A few issues are easy to correct without professional help.

Does the ring spotlight camera have a light?

Ring Spotlight Cam Solar

And as with the battery model, this one provides 300 lumens of light from two LED light strips on either side of the camera. … The solar panel that comes in the box will provide enough energy to keep the battery topped up, so you should never have to worry about recharging it.

Can you turn off siren on ring spotlight camera?

The app allows you to manually turn the lights on and off sound the siren create customized motion areas “a feature the battery version doesn’t do” as well as set the motion distance for the lights to come on.

Does ring spotlight turn on during the day?

Can Ring Spotlight be set to activate during the day? Yes. If desired, you can change settings in the Ring app to let motion trigger your light in the daytime.

Does ring spotlight light up with motion?

As a default setting, the lights on the Spotlight Cam Battery will only turn on for Motion Events when it’s dark. If it’s dark outside and your lights aren’t turning on you can adjust your motion sensitivity for triggering the lights.

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Can you turn off night vision on ring?

The feature can be turned off at any time from your Ring app.

How do I turn off my Ring Doorbell light?

The Steps

  1. Open the Ring App. …
  2. Click the Main Menu in the Top Left Corner. …
  3. Click Devices. …
  4. Click On Your Ring Chime Pro. …
  5. Click the Nightlight Toggle to Turn Off The toggle is the little blue dot on a blue line which when clicked, slides from one side to the other.

Why is there a blue light on my ring camera?

If you see the Ring Camera blinking blue when setting up the device, there is nothing to worry about. This is the camera’s way of notifying you that it is being set up. As soon as the setup is over, the light begins to change to a solid blue, indicating that the camera is starting to function.