When driving at night when must a driver use dipped headlights?

When driving at night when must a driver use dipped headlight?

Explantion: When driving at night drivers should dip their main beam headlights when meeting or following traffic to avoid dazzling or endangering other road users.

When should a driver use dipped headlights Ireland?

In the above cases, use dipped headlights. These should also be used at the beginning and end of lighting-up hours – that is, just after sunset and just before sunrise – and during daylight hours if your car isn’t fitted with daytime running lights. No headlights should be used while a car is parked.

What headlights do I use at night?

Do use your dipped headlights if you’re driving at night. This isn’t only to help you see – it means other drivers can see YOU. Do use your dipped headlights in the daytime if visibility is reduced – like in fog, heavy rain or snow. Do use dipped headlights if you are overtaking.

What lights should be on when driving at night?

High beam headlights should be used at night, whenever you’re unable to see enough of the road ahead to drive safely. Low visibility at night can be scary for even the most experienced drivers.

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When should a driver use headlights?

Turn on your low-beam headlights when it is cloudy, raining, snowing, or foggy. On small country or mountain roads, it is a good idea to drive with your headlights on, even on sunny days.

When should a driver use the vehicle side lights?

Explantion: When leaving a vehicle on an unlit public road at night this creates a potential danger for other road users. Drivers should therefore leave side/parking lights on, so that the vehicle can be seen by other road users.

At what distance are you required to dim your headlights at night?

When you are driving at night or at any time when you cannot see clearly 150 metres (500 feet) in front of you, you must turn your headlights on. Daytime running lights are not bright enough to be used at night. They are too dim and the tail-lights and instrument panel lights will not be on.

How do you drive at night?

8 Night Driving Tips You Need to Know

  1. Clean Your Windshield. …
  2. Check Your Lights. …
  3. Don’t Look Into the Light. …
  4. Increase Distance and Reduce Speed. …
  5. Be Seen on the Side. …
  6. Don’t be Distracted. …
  7. Watch for Pedestrians. …
  8. Don’t Drink and Drive.